Women Like Us

Women like “US”! Who are we? Who dares to be in this elect group of women we call “US”? We are the uncompromising, the unstoppable, the uniquely qualified sisters! We are sisters comprised of all nations, tongues, nationalities & creeds.

We are uncompromising for we have been through storm after storm after storm. Our storms have involved family, friends, associates, belief systems, career, self doubt, abuse, responsibility, others expectations of us, overwork etc. We have conformed, compromised, refused, fought back, we have cried, gave in, tried to ignore, complained, silently endured, and we have just often times made mistakes in how we handled what came our way. But we have learned that we are not the “mistake”, we are not the enemy of our souls. We have learned that we can overcome and move past the obstacles that stand in our way. We dare not repeat our mistakes, unless, we want more of the same negative outcomes. We do not! We have learned not be the victim, by facing the challenges and doing what we can to improve the situation.

We are unstoppable. Time has shown us our strength. We may slow down, we may even fall down, but with our last ounce of strength, fueled by determination that has been birthed within us, we hold on until we can get back up again. The Lord is our anchor and God is at the controls. We have learned that He alone knows what we each can bare and will let nothing more than that arrive on our path. So we just keep on going, keep on moving forward because that is what women like us… do!

We are uniquely qualified to see error, to hear error, to feel error, to smell error, to refuse to taste error over and over again. Yesterday we bought the lies and half truths because we were not secure enough in ourselves to see past the illusions that come to us dressed as the opposite sex; dressed up as the dream job, the friend, the dream come true, the dream deal of a lifetime. Our senses have been heightened & sharpened and it now takes more than flattering words; hype and the dangling carrot to pull us off onto a wrong path to travel in a wrong direction. We are now ready for the challenges that come our way. We have matured. We have learned. We have become to know who we are and we believe what the Word of God says about us. We are fearfully and wonderfully made. We are the head and not the tail. We have beauty instead of ashes. We have hope so we don’t have to live as if we are hopeless. We have the power to get wealth. We are not alone on this journey called life, because we have learned that when we experience weakness, it is in that moment we really are at our strongest, because our true partner is the spirit of the living God. We are not outcasts. We are a member of the royal priesthood. We are the salt of the earth. We know who we are. We know to whom we belong. We belong to that grand society called “US”, we are uncompromising, unstoppable, and uniquely qualified, sisters. We own ourselves. We own our decisions and our path. We are women like US!

Dr Marci Tilghman Bryant is passionate about helping others to succeed. Her years of training in ministry as a teacher and Life Coach, has prepared her to help others pursue their goals and dreams. She is a motivational speaker both nationally and internationally. Feel free to visit her website at https://www.findyourplc.com

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