Our Education Platform

We offer Opportunities for personal growth toward financial independence. :  One is just right for you!

OPTION ONE: We offer a Networking Associations for Individuals desiring to grow in the "Public Speaking" field; and those who wish to grow and expand by improving their "Marketing" skills.  This association is a great networking tool which will help you increase your public awareness. 

OPTION TWO:  Our Full Faith-based College Curriculum, from Associates through to Doctorate Degrees in several Displines, i.e. Youth Ministry, Urban Ministry, Ministry, World Missions, Christian Ministry, Theology, Divinity, Church Leadership, Counseling etc. These classes run from semester to semester and are completed in 2-4-6 years depending upon the student.

OPTION THREE:  Our Professional Life Coach Program, certified by Freedom Bible College & Seminary can be completed in 4 days.   Students are not only taught the life coach techniques, they are trained in the skills necessary to start their own practice. This training also includes a basic Marketing Module.

OPTION FOUR:  We also offer a "POWER-UP" Business Training for Women and entrepreneurs who are looking to start and/or grow their dream business.  We offer proven methods and provide information that will help increase income and growth  regardless of the commodity or service.  Individual results vary dependent upon implementation and consistent practice of these proven methods of growing a business.

OPTION FIVE: If your are a writer and is interested in marketing & promotion of your book, give us a call at 302-893-4018

OPTION SIX - Our Seniors are an important part of our heritage and under our non profit umbrella we offer them programs geared toward helping them to maintain their independence and to help them continue to create and remain active in their own life and in the life of others.  These activities include exercise, reading and poetry programs, lite entertainment, creative writing and dramatic activities, outings, critique of current social trends; etc, all with the added incentive of receiving rewards.  These are sponsored programs, as we do not charge our Seniors for their participation.